What is EDū?

EDū is a contemporary Spanish food concept with influences from other world cuisines, the core ingredients will be imported from Spain.

How did EDŪ come about?

The idea for EDū came about from wanting to do something different within Spanish cooking, moving away from the classic tapas bars but still stay true to the core ingredients and traditional recipes from Spain. The current gastronomic scene in Madrid & Barcelona has been and is a big influence for EDū.

You use the word ‘mixto’ to describe your cuisine, what does it mean?

‘Mixto’ means mixed in Spanish, this will symbolise the mixture of cuisines. It’s our way of not using the term fusion which is often associated just with Asian cuisines and has been overused.

What have you done to get to this place in your career?

After university I worked in the city as a banker for 5 years working on a LATAM trading desk, so Spain was never far from my mind.

Where did you meet Dani, your head chef?

I met Dani in the south of Spain about 10 years ago but lost track of him for a number of years. When I came up with the EDū concept I got back in touch, thanks to Facebook! It was a great coincidence that we have both ended up in London with the same motivation and energy, to start our own food business.

Where will be your first site?

Our first site will be a pop up kitchen space at a new development called Flat Iron Square on the fringes of Borough Market.

Why Flat Iron Square?

Flat Iron Square is a new food and music hub in south-east London, it serves as the perfect platform to start the next phase of our culinary journey. The concept is taken from the lively market atmospheres seen in cities across Europe where people can gather under one roof to, eat, drink and enjoy live music all.

Where do you see EDŪ in 3 years time?

I see EDū as a permanent restaurant site in a vibrant area of London.

What has been the highlight of the EDū journey so far?

The highlight of the EDū journey has to be Dani’s and my first trip to Madrid together this was the start of our creative process. Nothing compares to creating dishes, especially ones people have not experienced before and most importantly love.

Music plays a part in the EDū journey, what music are you currently listening to?

At all our pop up events and festival stalls music has played a big part of our journey with genres ranging from Spanish flamenco to Hip Hop to House music, definitely a very “Mixto” playlist. I am currently loving French Montana and Panda.

Growing up in Spain where were your favourite restaurants?

Growing up between Madrid and the South of Spain I have been exposed to numerous styles of Spanish cooking, the south being more seafood and fish orientated whilst Madrid has more ‘mixto’. In the south it has to be “El Campero” a Tuna orientated restaurant in Zahara de los Atunes, I guarantee you it will be the best tuna you will ever taste. In Madrid, it has to be a more contemporary concept called “Sala de Despiece”, it is all about the quality and freshness of the ingredients which allows the menu change from day to day.

What 3 words would you associate with EDū?

Mixto, innovative, contemporary.

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